Netflix Movies Starring Texas Battle

As the song states, "The Stars at Night are Deep in Flight ... Deep in the Heart of Texas!" That's what Texas Battle has, heart. A heart and desire for acting. This young man is taking Hollywood by storm the past couple years! He will now be one of Daytime's hottest hunks as he just started a three year contract role on The Bold and the Beautiful (1987). Later this year his next feature will be released, Dragonball for FOX opposite Justin Chattwin and Yun-Fat Chow. Hailed as one of the biggest comic cook/cartoon series to ever come out of Asia, this film is expected to do quite well Internationally at the end of this year. Last year he booked his first series for HBO starring opposite Lily Tomlin in "12 Miles of Bad Road". He also recently shot a supporting role in the "Ferris Bueller-esque" teen film Senior Skip Day (2008). Read more on iMDB