Netflix Movies Starring Stacey Travis

Stacey, born and raised in Dallas, Texas, attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in the United Kingdom and graduated with a degree in film from USC. Her film credits include, Cindy in The Great Buck Howard (2008), Amanda Bynes mother in Easy A (2010), Geoffrey Rush's wife Bonnie in the Coen Brother's film Intolerable Cruelty (2003), Dana in Ghost World (2001), Barry Levinson's film Bandits (2001) and Steven Soderbergh's Oscar winning film Traffic (2000). Traffic was the recipient of SAG Award for "Outstanding Performance by a Cast". She has done recent dramatic turns on television in Life (2007), Private Practice (2007) and The Riches (2007). Her comedic performances include Men of a Certain Age (2009), Desperate Housewives (2004) and Entourage (2004) to name a few. Stacey is a founding member of The Echo Theatre Company. Read more on iMDB