Netflix Movies Starring Richard Herd

Utilitarian character actor Richard Herd is one of those stern familiar faces you've seen countless times on film and TV but can't quite place the name. The stage-trained actor who shares a striking resemblance to actor Karl Malden never found the one role that would make him a household name, but he has made up for it with a number of rich and rewarding stage, film and TV assignments bolstered by his trademark authoritarian look and stance. Born on September 26, 1932, is the son of another Richard, a railroad engineer and WWII vet who died when the boy was quite young. The younger Herd suffered from bone marrow cancer which affected the growth of his legs as a child. As a result, he was educated at the Industrial School for Crippled Children during his formative years. Luckily, loving care and several operations saved his legs from deformity. Read more on iMDB