Netflix Movies Starring Luca Bercovici

A third-generation filmmaker, Luca Bercovici was born in New York and raised in such far-flung places as London, Rome, New York and California. Mr. Bercovici attended College of the Redwoods, Santa Monica College and Loyola Marymount University. In 1979, Mr. Bercovici spent six months in Japan, working on the miniseries, Shogun (1980), as Dialogue Director, specifically working with Japanese actress, Yôko Shimada (Golden Globe Winner, Emmy Nominee). Upon returning to the United States, he launched an acting career and has starred in many feature films including American Flyers (1985), (starring Kevin Costner, directed by John Badham), Clean and Sober (1988) (starring Michael Keaton, directed by Glenn Gordon Caron ), Pacific Heights (1990) (also starring Michael Keaton and Melanie Griffith, directed by John Schlesinger ), K2 (1991) (starring Michael Biehn, directed Franc Roddam), Drop Zone (1994) (starring Wesley Snipes, directed by John Badham ), The Big Squeeze (1996) with Lara Flynn Boyle , Flatland (2002), a series produced in Shanghai, starring Dennis Hopper , and recently, Stag Night (2008), starring Vinessa Shaw and Kip Pardue. Read more on iMDB