Netflix Movies Starring Linden Ashby

After graduating from Bolles High School in Jacksonville, Florida, Ashby took a degree in psychology and business administration at Fort Lewis College in Durango in the state of Colorado, and then moved to New York where he took drama classes in the Neighborhood Playhouse. Early in his career he took part in the soap opera Loving, and an episode of Gyver Mac, also got a small role in the 1990 movie Mr. & Mrs. Bridge with Paul Newman and again in 1990 he starred in the independent film The queen of hell alongside Karen Black. Then in 1991 he starred opposite Kelly Preston in the movie thriller The Perfect Bride. In 1992 he took part in three independent films including the film Shot Gun with Michael Pare. In 1994 he appears in 8 seconds of glory, with Luke Perry and Wyatt Earp opposite Kevin Costner. Read more on iMDB