Netflix Movies Starring Kavan Smith

Kavan was born in Edmonton, Alberta and both he and his brother were raised by his father when his parents divorced. He excelled in many sports as a child focusing on football and martial arts. During his teenage years he cultivated a love for performing with a friend. They would often skip school to record and rehearse skits they would eventually take public on local buses and to shopping centers. After graduation Kavan attended the University of Calgary working towards a degree in Economics but dropped out after a year and half. After a year of contemplation he enrolled in the Mount Royal University performing arts program. It was here that he developed a love of books and started writing. Soon after graduating he landed a lead role on the Canadian television show Destiny Ridge and moved to Vancouver. Kavan has been continuously adding versatile film and television roles to his acting repertoire, since he discovered his passion for performance. Read more on iMDB