Netflix Movies Starring Gus Mercurio

Well known American born character actor, he was a former professional boxer and arrived in Australia as a qualified referee. His raspy voice, energetic personality and natural talents quickly came to the attention of Australian TV production houses. Mercurio appeared in several Australian period style TV shows including _Tandarra(1976)_, Cash and Company (1975) and Power Without Glory (1976). Additionally, he was a regular bad guy on several Australian police series TV shows including Homicide (1964), Division 4 (1969) and Matlock Police (1971). His film appearances have included Crocodile Dundee II (1988), The Man from Snowy River (1982) and Doing Time for Patsy Cline (1997). He is the father of talented dancer / actor / entertainer Paul Mercurio who starred in Strictly Ballroom (1992) Read more on iMDB