Netflix Movies Starring Bernard Alane

Born in 1948 to French actress Annick Alane, this good-looking, eclectic thespian has never shown any disdain for any form of his art: theater (in which he served, among many others, Tchekhov, Shakespeare and Molière); musical comedy - both in England and in France ("Can Can", "South Pacific", "Peter Pan", "My Fair Lady"): television (which gave him the opportunity to embody historical figures such as Camille Desmoulins and Paul Ramadier); dubbing (Bernard Alane lent his voice to many a cartoon); and, of course cinema. His debut on the big screen exemplify his protean talent: comical in "Hibernatus", his first film (1969), he displays virile charm in his second movie "Mon oncle Benjamin". Unfortunately for film lovers, his appearances on the big screen have been irregular and generally too brief, for instance in his last feature to-date, "Agathe Cléry" (2008), where he only has a bit-part as one of Jean Rochefort's two sons. Read more on iMDB