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The US needs to convince the visiting emir Khala'ad of Othar to allow an American military base in his strategic realm. Clueless nightclub waitress Sunny Ann Davis accidentally spots and ...

Thirty-five year old simple-minded Sunny Davis works as a cocktail waitress at Lou Fox's Safari Club, a men's lounge. Despite living in Washington DC, she has no interest in or knowledge of government or politics, she never having voted in her life. She becomes a media darling when she risks her life in thwarting an assassination attempt on visiting Middle Eastern dignitary, Emir Majid of Ohtar, she suffering a minor bullet wound in the process. Sensing an opportunity to capitalize on the goodwill Sunny has built up with the American voting public, the State Department hires her to work in Protocol under its head, Ambassador St. John. Sunny makes a personal connection with Michael Ransome, the State Department's Middle Eastern chief, the two who fall for each other. Despite Sunny making one gaffe after another, each potentially causing a major public relations crisis, the State Department keeps her on. What Sunny is unaware of is that Ambassador St. John and her staff have ulterior motives in retaining her related to strategic positioning with the Emir and Ohtar. Her feelings for her job, the State Department and Michael may change if she finds out that motive, especially if Michael knew what was going on all along, that is if she is able to survive her diplomatic work in insurgent fighting filled Ohtar.


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