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To stop an elusive criminal, a maverick detective enlists the aid of a police dog who's an unusually intelligent smart alec.

Mike Dooley, who works on the San Diego narcotics squad, is working on a stakeout of drug kingpin Ken Lyman, and Mike barely escapes with his life as his car is blown up by a helicopter that was sent by Lyman. Later, Mike is given a partner -- a dog named Jerry Lee. Mike doesn't like Jerry Lee, but he begins to warm up to Jerry Lee when Jerry Lee shows how helpful he can be. Mike wants to know where Lyman's next drug shipment will take place, and Jerry Lee helps Mike. In order to keep Mike from messing up the shipment, Lyman has Mike's girlfriend Tracy kidnapped. Mike and Jerry Lee find Halstead, the car dealer who delivers Lyman's shipments, and with Jerry Lee's help, Mike takes the shipment from Halstead, and drives the shipment to where Lyman is expecting the shipment, and this leads to a confrontation with Lyman.


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