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A career thief witnesses a horrific crime involving the U.S. President.

Luther Whitney is a professional thief, who only works occasionally. He is planning what is suppose to be his last job, and everything is going smoothly until some come in before he can leave. He hides in a secret room and from behind a one-way mirror sees that it's the wife of the owner of the house he is robbing and another man. They are fooling around when the guy decides to liven things up by striking her, she get away but he corners her, she then grabs a letter opener and is about to stab him when he cries out for help when two men come in and shoot her dead. It seems that the man is Alan Richmond, the President of the United States and the two men are the secret service agents assigned to him. Later, a woman, Gloria Russell, who is his Chief of Staff enters and upon learning of what has happened, decides to cover it up and make it appear that she was killed by a burglar. After sanitizing the room, they are about to leave but they forget the letter opener, Whitney comes out of the room and takes it and makes his getaway but when they returned for the letter opener they discover Whitney and chase him but he gets away. The police investigate the murder and there are so many inconsistencies, which makes the investigator, Seth Frank suspect that something is going on. Frank then discovers that Whitney is a possible suspect but the only thing is that he doesn't believe that Whitney is a killer. Whitney tries to leave town but when he learns just how corrupt and amoral Richmond is he decides to play mind games with him and the others. Richmond, at the same time, tells them that Whitney must be silenced permanently.


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