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Ewan McGregor stars as a cleaning man in L.A. who takes his boss' daughter hostage after being fired and replaced by a robot. Two "angels" who are in charge of human relationships on earth,...

Robert Lewis is a naive janitor who spends more time thinking about the pulp fiction novel he wants to write than his paid work. Celine Naville is a headstrong, spoiled rich girl who largely whiles away her time pretending to be William Tell, using a gun rather than bow and arrow. The two meet when Robert, who has been fired and whose life spirals downward because of his new unemployment, confronts his former employer, who happens to be Celine's businessman father. To retaliate against Mr. Naville, Robert kidnaps Celine, who goes along with Robert willingly if only because she hates her father. What Robert, Celine and everyone else on Earth are unaware of is that this situation was orchestrated by O'Reilly and Jackson, two celestial police officers, who work in a department that brings predetermined humans together in wedded bliss. Because of the large number of recent failures, O'Reilly and Jackson understand that success in Robert and Celine's case is more important than ever under a new directive from their boss, Gabriel, where failure will result in eternity on Earth with no return to heaven. O'Reilly and Jackson's task is difficult enough to begin with due to Robert and Celine not being an obvious match. The kidnapping situation, O'Reilly and Jackson's own sensibilities, Mr. Naville's win at any cost mentality, and Celine's long list of wannabe suitors - most specifically dentist, Elliot Zweikel - add to the complications.


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