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  • Alcoholic playboy Kyle Hadley marries the woman secretly loved by his poor but hard-working best friend, who in turn is pursued by Kyle's nymphomaniac sister.

  • On 24 October 1955, the hard-work geologist of the Hadley Oil Company Mitch Wayne meets the executive secretary Lucy Moore in the office of her boss Bill Ryan in New York and invites her to go to a conference with the alcoholic playboy and son of a tycoon Kyle Hadley. On the way of the meeting, he confesses that they had traveled from Houston to New York to satisfy the wish of the reckless Kyle, who is his best friend since their childhood, of eating a sandwich from club 21 and the meeting was just a pretext to Kyle's father Jasper Hadley. Mitch and Kyle immediately fall in love for Lucy, and Kyle unsuccessfully uses his money to impress Lucy; then he opens his heart and proposes Lucy. They get married and travel to Acapulco and the insecure Kyle stops drinking. Meanwhile, Kyle's sister Marylee is an easy woman and has a non-corresponded crush on Mitch that sees her as a sister. One year later, Kyle discovers that he has a problem and might be sterile and starts drinking again. The jealous Marylee poisons Kyle telling that his wife and Mitch are having a love affair. When Lucy finds that she is pregnant, Kyle believes that the baby belongs to Mitch and his mistrust leads to a tragedy.

  • Mitch Wayne and Kyle Hadley, the playboy son of an oil tycoon, have been best friends since childhood. Kyle's wild sister, Marylee, hopes to marry Mitch, but he thinks of her as a sister. Marylee says that Mitch finishes everything Kyle starts. Mitch and Kyle both fall in love with Lucy, but she marries Kyle before Mitch can express his feelings. For a year after his marriage, Kyle stops drinking and behaves more responsibly, until he discovers that he may be sterile. Slyly, a jealous Marylee suggests to Kyle that Lucy and Mitch are lovers, and when Lucy finds that she is pregnant, a drunken Kyle accuses Mitch of being the father.

  • When two friends fall for the same woman, there's bound to be trouble. Kyle Hadley and Mitch Wayne grew up together and have been best friends all of their lives. Kyle hasn't accomplished a great deal with his life however. He is the son of a millionaire oilman and has spent most of his time carousing in his private airplane and especially drinking. Mitch on the other comes from a poor family but has worked hard and now works as a geologist for Hadley Oil. When they meet Lucy Moore it is Kyle who sweeps her off her feet. For a year or so he stops drinking and all is well but when his doctor tells him he may never father children, he again begins to drink heavily. Mitch is also in love with Lucy but hides his true feelings and throughout these difficult times is pursued by Kyle's free-spirited and wild younger sister Marylee. When Lucy becomes pregnant Kyle is convinced that she has been having an affair with Mitch and sets out to get his revenge.


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