Netflix Movies Starring Robert Stack

"Straight Shooting" - whether skeet shooting, or portraying Eliot Ness, Robert Stack always tells it like it is, and shoots straight. Robert was the 2nd child of Elizabeth Modini Wood (who named him Charles after his grandfather) and James Langford Stack (who changed his name to Robert, after no one in particular). Even though Robert was born in Los Angeles, since his parents divorced when he was one-year-old, and his mom took him to Europe when he was 3, he couldn't speak English until he was 6; (his older brother James Langford, Jr., stayed in the USA with their dad). Robert spoke fluent Italian and French, but had to learn English when they returned to Los Angeles. His mom and dad remarried in 1928. Robert took drama courses at USC. He was not interested in team sports, so he took up skeet shooting. Read more on iMDB