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  • Kimmy sets off on her biggest adventure yet. Three states. Explosions. A dancing hamburger. And you, the viewer, get to decide how the story goes.

  • This is a continuation of the TV series about Kimmy, who was trapped in an underground bunker for 15 years and then moved to NYC to begin a new life. The viewer is occasionally given interactive choices of continuation. Kimmy is getting married (or is she) and is preoccupied with the preparations such as trying on a wedding dress accompanied by friends. The groom, Prince Frederick, is also busy. When Kimmy discovers a book in her "empty" backpack from the bunker, she concludes (or not) that there was at least one other girl she didn't know about also trapped in the bunker with her and she sets about finding and rescuing her/them by visiting the pedophile kidnapping reverend in prison - or does she - your choice.

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