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A reporter, learning of time travelers visiting 20th century disasters, tries to change the history they know by averting upcoming disasters.

Tom Merrick is an arrogant television reporter, while covering a plant fire from the inside, his entire crew was killed. Merrick more or less dropped out of sight for a few years. He is now ready to go back to work and where he goes to work, is a tabloid. Now his boss instructs him to do piece on historical disasters. He does some research and discovers a man who was at three disasters that took place at least a hundred years apart, when he shows this to his boss, she sends to Washington to verify if the photos are authentic. On the plane, the man in the photos is there, and after going through his things he discovers that the plane they are on is going to crash. After confronting the man who pulls out a gun which he takes away from, he goes to the pilots and instructs them to land but when he realizes that if they proceed, they'll crash, he instructs them to take a different route, which saves them. Upon landing Merrick is arrested by the FBI, who believe that he is either a terrorist or a wacko. When he fails to convince them of his innocence, he asks if could be allowed his one phone call, which he uses to call Elizabeth, the researcher at the paper, whom he asks to deliver his file on the man. However, two people come in and try to take Merrick but the FBI stops them, Merrick then runs off with Elizabeth, who theorizes that the man in the photo is a time traveller, who goes to all these events as a means of leisure. And because he stopped the plane from crashing, Merrick has changed history, and the two people who tried to get him are trying to keep him from doing anything more. But Merrick remembers some of his other stops and tries to prevent this things from happening.


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