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Two British agents are murdered by a mysterious Neonazi organization in West Berlin. The British Secret Service sends agent Quiller to investigate. Soon Quiller is confronted with Neonazi ...

  • Michael Anderson
  • Rank Organisation, The
  • Ivan Foxwell Productions
In the 60's, in Berlin, two British agents that are investigating a Neonazi ring are murdered. The Chief of the Secret Service Pol summons the efficient agent Quiller to investigate the location of organization's headquarter. He contacts the teacher Inge Lindt expecting to get some clues to be followed and soon he is abducted the the leader Oktober and his men. Oktober also wants to know the location of the British base in Germany and uses drugs in Quiller to get the information but the skilled agent resists. Quiller has a love affair with Inge and they seek out the location of Oktober. When they find, Quiller gives the phone number of his base to Inge and investigates the place. But soon he finds that she has been kidnapped and Oktober gives a couple of hours to him to give the location of the site; otherwise Inge and him will be killed. What will Quiller do?


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