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The true story of the British royal prince locked away because of having epilepsy.

1910. One dynasty holds sway over the most powerful nations of the world, at its heart is the British Monarchy, and it's youngest member, Prince Johnnie. A loving, insightful and humorous child, Johnnie is witness to some of the most momentous events in the history of our times. As a baby he is surrounded by the extravagant court of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra at the height of British Imperial power. But as the Great War looms his newly crowned father George V and his mother Queen Mary become embroiled in the tumult of world affairs and do not have time to see their special child as he grows. He is prone to epileptic fits and the medical profession consider him to be an imbecile and as such an embarrassment to the family. As the landscape of Europe changes forever Johnnie is looked after in a remote farm house in the Sandringham estate by his devoted nurse Lalla. Dedicating her life to the little boy she determines to remind the monarchy that Johnnie is, at heart, a true prince.


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