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Documentary about legendary Paramount producer Robert Evans (the film shares the same name as Evans's famous 1994 autobiography).

Movie mogul Robert Evans self narrates the story of his movie life. Once an aspiring actor, he was a successful business owner of a woman's wear company when, independently, Hollywood royals actress Norma Shearer and producer Darryl F. Zanuck plucked him out of nowhere to be featured in major supporting roles in two separate movies. His acting career was short as he realized that he was not very good at it, and that his passion lied elsewhere in the movie business. He wanted to be the next Darryl F. Zanuck. In large part due to an article written by entertainment columnist Peter Bart, Evans did become a producer and then ultimately head of Paramount Pictures, one of the then lower tier of the premier movie studios. Evans' place at the studio hinged on the success of a few key movies including Rosemary's Baby (1968), Love Story (1970) (working on which sparked the short but passionate personal relationship with future wife, actress Ali MacGraw), and The Godfather (1972). Under his tenure, Paramount became the number 1 studio in Hollywood. Those successes led to an unusual contract with Paramount, which in turn led to his return to producing such acclaimed movies as Chinatown (1974), and ultimately quitting his job at the studio. But Evans' life had some major falls, especially in the 1980's, with the start of his cocaine use, the failure of some highly touted and big budget films such as The Cotton Club (1984), and implication in the murder of aspiring producer Roy Radin, which in combination led to major bout of depression. He would need the assistance of his true friends to help him regain his life.
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