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Two cops, played by Seagal and Wayans, are forced to work together to solve a chain of mysterious killings by a killer nicknamed "The Family Man".

Jack Cole is a cop from the East Coast with vague history who transferred to L.A. He works with a detective Campbell who is pursuing a serial killer. Campbell learns Cole is not a man to be messed with. One of the victims of the serial killer turns out to be Cole's ex-wife. Later the killer is caught but they learn he wasn't the one who killed Cole's ex-wife. And evidence turns up that implicates Cole. Cole claims he didn't do it. He suspects that he's being framed that's when he calls someone who is a spook and the man doesn't give him a straight answer. Later someone tries to kill Cole and Campbell. They suspect it might have something to do with some dead Russians they found who died of radiation poisoning.


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