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The Fabulous Baker Boys, a Seattle-based duo piano lounge act performing cheesy jazz renditions of pop standards, is comprised of thirty-something brothers Frank and Jack Baker. Older Frank, married with two children, is the controlling business manager, front man and sole programmer of the playlist. Younger Jack is the carefree one without commitments to anything or anyone, including women, he who has had a long string of one night stands, most specifically with cocktail waitresses. Jack's strongest commitments are to his aging dog, Eddie, and to Nina, the lonely adolescent who lives in the apartment above his with her single, constantly dating mother. Jack's commitment to Nina is because of her unwavering commitment to him. The Baker Boys' act is becoming stale and outdated, and as such their ability to hold onto what gigs they are able to get is getting more difficult. So Frank comes up with the idea of hiring a singer to beef up the act. After thirty-seven failed auditions, they finally hire the last, the thirty-eighth auditioner, Susie Diamond, a woman one step above white trash. Despite Susie having no formal singing experience, she has just a strong enough vocal talent of the music they perform, and can sell a song largely on her stage presence and sex appeal. She is able to turn off her outward tough girl demeanor once she's on stage. Susie is initially an uneasy addition to the act, but becomes an integral part of it as the act begins getting more gigs, more lucrative ones at that. But Susie's presence not only threatens the new act, but threatens the interrelationships between all three. Frank believes the biggest threat is any sexual tension, perceived or real, between Jack and Susie. However, the biggest threat is how Susie is able to expose the fundamental rifts between the brothers, Frank whose primary goal is to put food on his family's table, while Jack's is his true musical dreams which are being stifled by the act. —Huggopiano playerauditionhotelred dressdog74 morePlot summaryPlot synopsisTaglinesFor 31 years it's been just the Fabulous Baker Boys... but times change.GenresComedyDramaMusicRomanceCertificateRParents guide


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