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When Johnny comes home from the navy he finds his wife Helen kissing her substitute boyfriend Eddie, the owner of the Blue Dahlia nightclub. Helen admits her drunkenness caused their son's death. He pulls a gun on her but decides she's not worth it. Later, Helen is found dead and Johnny is the prime suspect. —Ed Stephan on the runnightclub ownerhotel detectiveamnesiamurder of wife89 morePlot summaryPlot synopsisTaglinesLADD'S HOT TEMPTED BY TWO WOMEN...TO KISS ONE!... AND KILL THE OTHER ONE!! (print ad - Lubbock Morning Avalanche - Tower Theatre - Lubbock, Texas - August 31, 1946 - all caps)GenresCrimeFilm-NoirMysteryThrillerCertificatePassedParents guide


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