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A private detective is hired to find a missing stripper. A simple job turns complicated when everyone he questions ends up dead.

SPOILER: The private detective from Los Angeles Ned Cruz is interrogated by LAPD Detectives Poley, Frizer and Skeres. Cruz is blind after being hit on the face and asks many times whether "she is alive". Cruz explains to the detectives that after a lost case of his client and Hollywood star Adam Nova, he is tired and returns to his office to rest. Out of the blue, the washed up boxer Anton 'The Pro' Protopov comes to his office to hire him to find his missing girlfriend and former stripper Lexie Persimmon. Cruz recalls that five years ago, the Russian mobster Skinny Faddeev gave 30 million dollars in blood diamond in advance to him to lose a fight against his nephew. However, Anton killed the nephew with a punch and when Skinny was found death, he was sentenced to life. While in prison, Lexie writes two hundred and sixty letters to him and they fall in love for each other. When a criminal confesses the murder of Skinny, Anton is released but he does not find Lexie. Ned Cruz starts the investigation and finds a lead that Lexie might be in San Celeritas, New Mexico. Cruz notes that a black Lincoln is following him and he believes that the Russian Mafia is chasing him. However, he heads to the spot and in the Planck 's Constant Coffer, he has an affair with the waitress Autumn Reeser that helps him. After reading the letters, Cruz becomes obsessed for Lexie. When Cruz is invited to have dinner with the delusional millionaire Simon Kestral, he is introduced to his wife Julie Kestral and the geek physicist Niels Geck and he believes he has resolved the case. However, nothing is what seems to be and Cruz only discovers the truth when it is late.


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