2.2 5 2,098

You've run out of options, no school, no job. Steal a car, smash a shop with a heavy car and reap the proceeds!. This movie is about underground England. The causes, the benefits, and the result of a life of 'crash and carry'.

  • Paul W.S. Anderson
  • Channel Four Films
  • Impact Pictures
  • Kuzui Enterprises
Billy and Jo get their kicks from their special type of window- shopping (driving a car through the window and stealing everything inside. These professional criminals are not in it for the money, but for the fun of it. When Billy gets released from prison, his rival Tommy has taken over the street. A fight for power commences as Billy starts his own gang and hits a shop the day before Tommy had planned to. Tommy makes a move on Billy's girlfriend Jo, who wants Billy to change his lifestyle and move away, instead of fighting Tommy, a fight which will hurt them both. He agrees, but he wants to hit the shopping mall on a final hit. That has never been done before, so it will make him a hero among the others.


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