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Portugal 1813. A band of deserters, including Sharpe's old enemy, Obadiah Hakeswill, have captured two women, one the wife of a high-ranking English officer, and are holding them hostage ...

  • Tom Clegg
  • Celtic Films Entertainment
  • Central Independent Television
  • Picture Palace
A band of British deserters led by Obadiah Hakeswill,along with a group of French renegades,take over a Portugusese village where they have captured English aristocrat Lady Farthingdale and Sarah,wife of French colonel Dubreton. Dubreton and Sharpe arrive with ransom money but Hakeswill tells them to return in five days with more cash. However Sarah recites a poem by Pope to her husband,disclosing their whereabouts in code in it, and Sharpe,promoted to major by Wellington, leads an attack freeing the women. All the deserters are killed but Hawkswill escapes and murders Teresa before being captured and shot by a firing squad. The British are also victorious in battle against superior numbers of French,thanks to the previously unpredictable new weapon of rockets.


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