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While wrestling with the pressures of life, love, and work in Manhattan, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte join Samantha for a trip to Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), where Samantha's ex is filming a new movie.

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are each facing a major issue in their respective lives. Samantha is facing the onset of menopause and is doing whatever she can to stop that from happening. Miranda has a new senior partner who does not respect her solely because she's a woman. She decides to quit her job without an idea of what is to follow. Charlotte is feeling overwhelmed as a mother as her youngest, Rose, hits her terrible twos. Samantha also puts it into Charlotte's head that her wonderful but well endowed nanny, Erin, who walks around bra-less, could possibly be having an affair with Harry. And Carrie, realizing that with the decision not to have children means that it is just her and Big as a twosome forever, does not know if the rut in which she and Big have fallen is a sign that she and Big as a twosome is not sustainable. Carrie's personal concerns are heightened as she and Big discuss the concept of scheduled days apart from each other, and as her latest book of her take on married life get less than rave reviews. After Samantha runs into old beau, movie star Smith Jerrod, at his latest movie premiere, Shiekh Khalid, one of the movie's producers, offers Samantha an all expenses week long luxury trip to Abu Dhabi to discuss some possible PR work. Samantha accepts on the condition that she be allowed to bring her "three girls" with her. The four use the trip to escape from their problems at home. Although none can fully escape, Carrie faces her issue head on when she runs into a friend from her past in Abu Dhabi. And all four examine their own lives a little more closely as they, as women, experience life in a Muslim society up close and personal.


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