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Jean Claude plays an official who's just been appointed as Second In Command to the U.S.Ambassador at an American Embassy in a small, turbulent Eastern European nation. When local ...

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Sam Keenan is a decorated Navy Commander, sent to the Eastern European nation of Moldavia. Keenan is sent to the U.S. Embassy in Moldavia's capital city to become the new Security Attache there. When he arrives, Keenan learns that Moldavia is in the middle of a civil war. At the embassy, Keenan meets with Ambassador George Norland, who makes Keenan the deputy ambassador. Recently, the U.S. installed a new government into Moldavia, and it's a government led by Moldavia's newly-elected president Yuri Amirev. Amirev wants the nation to be run as a democracy, but under the command of Anton Tavarov, Communist insurgents have caused a riot at the presidential palace, threatening the fragile democracy. The insurgents are loyal to dictative former president Alexei Kirilov, who is a communist who abused Moldavia's people. When the palace guards start firing on the insurgents without Amirev's go-ahead, the insurgents storm the palace, demanding Amirev's head. Keenan volunteers to bring Amirev to the embassy. But events reach critical mass, and the insurgents open fire. Keenan barely makes it back with Amirev, but the fight isn't over yet. Fifty Americans are holed up in the embassy, and Tavarov and his massive army have arrived at the gates, with plans to crash the building and drag Amirev out by any means necessary. And Norland is killed by a rocket that was launched by one of Tavarov's men. To defend the embassy, Keenan has only 15 Marines, CIA bureaucrat Frank Gaines, limited ammunition, and his martial arts skills to hold Tavarov's army off until American reinforcements arrive. And Keenan's girlfriend, reporter Michelle Whitman, is one of the hostages. With Tavarov's crew getting in position for attack, a power struggle taking place between Keenan and Gaines, and help hours away, it will fall to Keenan to rescue the hostages.


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