Netflix Movies Starring Sharla Cheung

Sharla Cheung Man is of Shanghainese origin. She was discovered by Jing Wong, who cast her in many of his productions in the early 1990s. After appearing in God of Gamblers (1989), Cheung was propelled to stardom for her role in the Stephen Chow smash hit All for the Winner (1990). She soon became a highly popular Hong Kong actress and immediately found herself working almost non-stop. "All for the Winner" also launched Stephen Chow's career, and the two were subsequently paired in many early 90's comedies, in which Cheung usually starred as Chow's love interest. Her pairings with Stephen Chow were huge box office hits such as God of Gamblers II (1991), the Fight Back to School (1991) trilogy, Royal Tramp (1992), and King of Beggars (1992). They teamed up for about 10 films, however their collaboration came to an end in 1994 with Gau ban ji ma goon ji baak min bau ching tin (1994). Read more on iMDB