Netflix Movies Starring Rob Tinkler

Rob Tinkler is an actor, screenwriter, director and voice actor based in Toronto and LA. Rob was born in Winnipeg Manitoba, but moved to the Toronto, Ontario area while in grade school. In his late teens he became involved in community theatre, performing in plays and musicals and was subsequently accepted into the Theatre program at Ryerson University (later acquiring his BFA). At Ryerson he met future sketch comedy collaborators Mike Beaver, Jason Jones, and Stacey Depass. His first gig out of school was a series on YTV called "It's Alive". The show was of the sketch comedy variety, and while acting on the series Rob was introduced to and became interested in writing. After the show's cancellation, and growing frustrated with a dwindling influx of acting work at that time, Rob and his then roommates Mike Beaver and Shaun Majumder decided to form the comedy troupe "Beaver, Tinkler, Majumder". Read more on iMDB