Netflix Movies Starring Raymond Walburn

Stalwart character Raymond Walburn is one of those actors whose name may have slipped through the memory cracks over time, but whose valued contribution to 30s and 40s comedy films certainly warrants a reminder. Somewhat reminiscent of the "Mr. Monopoly" character, Walburn was the archetypal bombastic bumbler or supercilious stuffed shirt with the trademark bulgy eyes, snub nose, arched brows and trimmed mustache. He provided his patented brand of cheeky humor in nearly 100 "A" and "B" films during his career span. Walburn was born in Plymouth, Indiana on September 9, 1887, then moved to Oakland, California following high school with his actress mother. There he was placed in an acting school associated with the Liberty Theatre, the principal stock company in Oakland, and made his professional stage debut at age 18 playing the Second Witch in "MacBeth." Following extensive touring in stock shows, he took his first Broadway bow with the opening of "The Greyhound" in 1912. Read more on iMDB