Netflix Movies Starring Pasha D. Lychnikoff

Born in Moscow, a student of Moscow Academy of Dramatic Arts, Pasha (aka Pavel) Lychnikoff, appeared on Moscow's stages in such productions as Googol's Inspector General and Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. In early 90s Pasha moved to America to pursue his acting career in the United States. Arriving at JFK Airport with five dollars in his pocket, speaking only a few words of English, Pasha made his way to Brighton beach, to Harlem, to Hell's Kitchen, and then to Los Angeles to act.Insights from Jonathan Banks and encouragement from private lessons with The Groundlings' creator Gary Austin, gave Pasha the advantage he needed. Jumping the fence at Twenty Century Fox, paid off, landing Pasha first television guest NYPD Blue.Lychnikoff continues to build an impressive resume in both film and television. He has starred as 'Balzanov,' a Telegraph operator, in a lawless town in the second and third seasons of the critically acclaimed HBO series Deadwood. Read more on iMDB