Netflix Movies Starring Mehdi Nebbou

Mehdi Nebbou was born in Bayonne, France, to a German mother and an Algerian father. He started his career by appearing in the film My Sweet Home (2001), directed by Filippos Tsitos. In 2004, the director Samir Nasr offered him the leading role in the film Seeds of Doubt (2004), which won the Golden Gate Award for best film at the San Francisco Film Festival. 2005 was a turning point in Nebbou's career thanks to the film Sleeper (2005) by German film director Benjamin Heisenberg. The film received excellent reviews and was selected for the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. In 2006 he played Ali Hassan Salameh in the Steven Spielberg blockbuster film Munich (2005). In 2007 for his performance in Teresas Zimmer (2006), directed by German film director Constanze Knoche, he won the award for best actor First Steps Awards. Read more on iMDB