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  • This creepy and scary story centers around The Smurl family of Pittston, Pennsylvania. After they move to a duplex, they begin experiencing strange things. Dark shadows move about the house. Mrs Smurl hears her mother in law calling her name only to find out later that she was not calling her. A black stain on the wall keeps reappearing after being cleaned and painted over and a foul smell lingers. Weird noises awaken them in the night and invisible hands caress Mrs Smurl while she's sleeping. But things begin to get worse. They begin to experience physical attacks by the invisible entity. When they try to get away from the house, they notice the black shadow had followed them. They realized that no matter where they go this thing will follow. When the attacks begin to get out of control, they contact The Warren family but will the renowned psychics be able to get rid of the evil presence that intends on destroying them?

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