Netflix Movies Starring Jack Macgowran

Jack MacGowran, the great Irish character actor known for his roles in the plays of Samuel Beckett, was born on October 13, 1918 in Ireland. He established his professional reputation as a member of the Abbey Players in Dublin, but he won his greatest fame for assaying Beckett's characters onstage. (In 1971, MacGowran would win the Obie Award for Best Performance By an Actor assaying "Beckett" on the off-Broadway stage.) MacGowran's appearance as the Squire's right-hand man in John Ford's paean to Ireland, The Quiet Man (1952) introduced9 him to world cinema. He moved to London in 1954, where he joined The Shakespeare Company (before it won the patronage of Queen Elizabeth II and added the sobriquet "Royal" to its name). At the Shakespeare Company, he became friends with fellow Irishman-abroad Peter O'Toole, with whom he would co-star in Richard Brooks's Lord Jim (1965) (1965) a decade later. Read more on iMDB