Netflix Movies Starring Fred Melamed

Fred Melamed was born in New York City to Lou and Syma Melamed. His father was a television producer, having contributed to such watershed comedies as Car 54, Where Are You, and Sargeant Bilko. Fred received his theatrical training at the Yale School of Drama, after which he appeared with resident companies including Minneapolis' Guthrie Theater, The Kennedy Center, The Yale Repertory Theater, and as a founding member of Shakespeare & Co. In 1983, he made his Broadway debut in the Tony Award-Winning Amadeus. On television, Fred will headline with Maria Bamford on the Netflix original series, Lady Dynamite from Mitch Hurwitz this spring. He recurs as errant father Charles Cole on Hulu's Golden Globe-nominated Casual, patrician chick-magnet J. Cronkite Valley Forge on New Girl, sports casting legend Glen Klose on Now We're Talking and Sir Patrick Stewart's messed-up psychiatrist Dr. Read more on iMDB