Netflix Movies Starring Corin Redgrave

Corin Redgrave, a towering, award-winning force on the British stage but a lesser universally recognized third-generation scion of the acting dynasty, was the reddish-haired middle brother of his more internationally famous sisters, Vanessa Redgrave and Lynn Redgrave who achieved widespread celebrity during their course of work on the American stage, film and TV. Nevertheless Corin was a treasured actor in England and much less inspired to acquire the fame cast upon his sisters. The tall, amiably handsome actor built for an enviable career for himself on the British stage. Like Vanessa he was a fiery and impassioned political radical and embraced a host of liberal causes during his lifetime. Most notably, he was a potent member of the Workers' Revolutionary Party, and supported a motion to impeach Prime Minister Tony Blair following the British participation in the war in Iraq. Read more on iMDB