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A chronically depressed screenwriter desperately tries to cure his condition when he meets the girl of his dreams.

Hudson Milbank is one half of a Los Angeles based screen-writing team. In reality, his partner Tom is the writer, while Hudson is the pitch man, which requires him to be on his toes mentally while at meetings. After smoking his first joint ever, Hudson begins to feel detached from his self, almost like he is looking at what is happening to himself without feeling anything or being able to control what he is actually doing. He learns that the technical term for his disorder is depersonalization. Associated with his disorder is anxiety, insomnia and depression. Specific to him, he believes that even mentioning the words "death" or "dying" will result in the death of his father, which would be traumatic in his life as he has a dysfunctional relationship with both his mother and older brother. As Hudson goes to a series of doctors and therapists in the hope that one or some of them can cure him (some treatments, however, which end with disastrous results), Hudson tries to continue with his life when and how he can, which generally consists of endless hours of watching the longest programming he can find on television, such as the golf channel or the longest movies ever made. At a pitch meeting, he meets Sara Harrison, the executive assistant at a movie development company. The two begin a relationship, which continues even after Sara learns of Hudson's disorder. As she states, she is in this relationship since sometimes one can't control with who one falls in love. But will Sara be able to tolerate the many issues in Hudson's life, especially as Hudson comes to the conclusion that he may never be normal?


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