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Jonathan and Lucy live in Wismar and the Count wants a house there. Varna is a port on the Black Sea, close to Dracula's castle.

  • Werner Herzog
  • Werner Herzog Filmproduktion
  • Gaumont
  • Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)
In Wismar, Germany, Lucy and the real state agent Jonathan Harker is a happily married couple. Jonathan's boss Renfield sends him to Transylvania to sell an old house in Wismar to Count Dracula. Jonathan is advised by the locals of a village to return since the count is a vampire, but he does not give up of his intent. Jonathan visits Count Dracula and when he sees the photograph of Lucy, he immediately buys the real estate. He drinks the blood of Jonathan and navigates to Wismar, carrying coffins with the soil of his land, rats and plague in the ship. Along the voyage, Count Dracula kills the crew-members and a ghost vessel arrives in Wismar. Meanwhile Jonathan rides to his homeland to save Lucy from the vampire.


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