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In 1950's Los Angeles, a special crime squad of the LAPD investigates the murder of a young woman.

Post-WWII Los Angeles. Lieutenants Max Hoover, Ellery Coolidge, Eddie Hall and Arthur Relyea comprise a LAPD squad who are tasked with keeping the city clean of organized crime using whatever means necessary, even if it is outside the law. They investigate the crushed body death of a young woman found in a remote residential development site. According to the coroner, it is like she fell off a cliff, despite there being no cliff in sight. Hoover doesn't initially tell his colleagues, but they all eventually learn that Hoover knew the woman intimately, her name being Allison Pond. Hoover and Allison's affair, which lasted six months and which Max ended, is something about which Hoover's loving and devoted wife, Katherine, does not know. Shortly thereafter, the squad receives some evidence delivered to them, namely a home made sex film of Allison and who they will learn is General Thomas Timms, the head of the Atomic Energy Commission. The implications are that Allison did not know the film was taken, that there are several other rolls of film of Allison with her various sex partners who also did not know about being filmed, that there is a roll including Hoover, and that the film has something to do with Allison's death. Regardless of Hoover's personal involvement and the potential for the film to ruin his marriage if Katherine were to find out, the foursome try to navigate the highly secretive world of the military to discover who killed Allison and why, with the FBI thrown in for good measure, their involvement in an effort to maintain national security.


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