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Bugs Bunny retaliates against the pompous opera star who does him violence.

  • Chuck Jones
  • Warner Bros.
World-famous opera singer Giovanni Jones is trying to rehearse for his upcoming concert. However, Bugs Bunny's singing bothers Giovanni, who's trying to concentrate. But instead of asking Bugs -- who had been minding his own business -- to desist stop until the rehearsal ended, the ill-tempered Giovanni destroys the bunny's instruments as a banjo and harp (and injures Bugs in the process). Bugs eventually has had enough and gets his revenge ... during Giovanni's concert at the Hollywood Bowl. After using a variety of means to soften the opera singer up, Bugs pulls out the coup de gras: dressed as world-renowned conductor Leopold, the bunny makes Giovanni sing an insipid song (basically to make him look foolish) before forcing him to hold a high note, which causes the amphitheater to crumble on top on the singer. But Bugs (who has since ordered earmuffs, rush-delivered thanks to some very express delivery) isn't through yet: "Leopold" --having spotted a huge boulder teetering perilously above where Giovanni is standing -- gets the singer to blare out his high note once more. The boulder tips over and crushes Giovanni. Bugs' banjo solo "Good Evening, Folks" ties up the bunny's satisfying revenge (and the cartoon).


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