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Angela, the beautiful Mexican mistress of a NY mobster, asks virginal Father Michael for protection after Zena, the mobster's wife, kills her cheating husband. Michael becomes torn between his vows, Angela and his sister - Zena.

Beautiful Mexican woman Angela is the mistress of a powerful New York mobster, the husband of Zena who is the daughter of the head of the most powerful crime family in town. One night, Zena and her goons catch the two in the act and Zena guns down her cheating husband in cold blood. Angela manages to escape, however, and asks the honest virginal local priest, Father Michael, for protection. When she tells Michael that Zena is after her, he's shocked, since Zena is his sister. The two siblings have been having a strained relationship ever since something happened during their teenage years that eventually drove Michael towards the church and Zena towards her family's illegal business. Although the top mafia brass won't allow for a female don, Zena still wants to prove to her loving father, who's being prosecuted and is about to face some serious prison time, that she can run his crime syndicate with competence. Meanwhile, Michael begins to fall in love with Angela and starts questioning his vows. After things end badly with his best friend, a cop who might be able to offer Angela some real protection, Michael realizes that the only way to save Angela is to help her leave the country and return to Mexico. However, things are not what they seem.


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