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Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff has just been installed as the new president of Huxley College. His cavalier attitude toward education is not reserved for his son Frank, who is seeing the college widow, Connie Bailey. Frank influences Wagstaff to recruit two football players who hang out in a speakeasy, in order to beat rival school Darwin. Unfortunately, Wagstaff mistakenly hires the misfits Baravelli and Pinky. Finding out that Darwin has beaten him to the "real" players, Wagstaff enlists Baravelli and Pinky to kidnap them, which leads to an anarchic football finale. —Rick Gregory slot machinefemme fataleprofessorcollegebreaking the fourth wall25 morePlot summaryAdd synopsisTaglinesTHE WILDEST PICTURE PANIC IN SCREEN COMEDY HISTORY! (print ad - Lubbock Morning Avalanche - Lindsey Theatre - Lubbock, Texas - Feb. 9, 1938 - all caps)GenresComedyFamilyMusicalRomanceSportCertificatePassedParents guide


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