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At an inn which is only open on holidays, a crooner and a hoofer vie for the affections of a beautiful up-and-coming performer.

Jim Hardy, Lila Dixon and Ted Hanover are a popular New York nightclub song and dance act, Jim primarily the "song", Ted the "dance", and Lila the bridge between the two. Jim's plan to ditch it all so that he and Lila can get married and become Midville, Connecticut farmers hits a snag when Lila, who admits she falls in love easily, decides she and Ted also love each other, and that she wants to remain in the spotlight. Lila and Ted become a duo, both professionally and personally. After a year, Jim finds that he is not cut out to be a full-time farmer, but still likes the country life. So he decides he can have the best of both worlds by maintaining the farm, but opening it as an inn, only open as such for the fifteen holidays per year. Called Holiday Inn, it will feature holiday themed dinner shows written and starring Jim in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Despite their auspicious initial meeting, Jim hires up and coming performer Linda Mason as the shows' leading lady, she who is happy for the break. Jim and Linda seem like they are falling for each other when Ted comes back into the picture after Lila falls in love with someone else and leaves him. Feeling that Linda may become another Lila in his and Ted's lives, especially as Ted's manager, Danny Reed, is pushing for Ted and Linda to be the next big thing in Hollywood, Jim does whatever he can to keep Linda away from Ted and away from Danny's big city show business manoeuvrings. Linda will have to decide what to do when she learns of the manipulation on both Jim and Ted's parts. Only the truth may eventually lead Linda to what she truly wants.


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