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Since he was a child, Bart Tare has always loved guns. After leaving the army, his friends take him to a carnival, where he meets the perfect girl; Annie, a sharp-shooting sideshow performer who loves guns as much as he. The 2 run off and marry, but Annie isn't happy with their financial situation, so at her behest the couple begins a cross-country string of daring robberies. Never one to use guns for killing, Bart's dragged down into oblivion by the greedy and violent nature of the woman he loves. —Martin Lewison sharpshootermurderfugitivelovers on the lamnational film registry219 morePlot summaryPlot synopsisTaglinesSHE BELIEVES IN TWO THINGS...-love and violence! (original poster)GenresCrimeDramaFilm-NoirRomanceThrillerCertificatePassedParents guide


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