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An evil force from a 1000 years in the future begins to destroy an idyllic paradise, where the citizens are in perfect harmony with nature.

Ganhadar is an idyllic paradise where it's people have mastered both themselves and their environment. Everything exists in perfect harmony with the world, providing enlightenment for both the body and soul. Paradise is lost when a malevolent force begins to attack the outlying regions of the planet, attacking small villages and turning their people into stone. Sylvain is dispatched by the Council of Women to find out what is menacing the peaceful world. He is later attacked by strange bird-like creatures, rendering him unconscious when it falls on him. He wakes up in the presence of deformed figures, who are not the enemy, but instead mutated products of ancient scientists, perhaps during the search to perfect everything. He escapes and watches metallic drones, who are the attackers, passing through a metal doorway of some sort. From here he discovers the Metamorphisis, a gargantuan brain mass. He returns to the capital with Arielle, but not too soon to find it being attacked by the Men of Metal. The Metamorphisis and the Men of Metal are from a thousand years in the future. Sylvain is placed in suspended animation for a millenium, while the Metamorphisis destroys the world. When he wakes up, the Metamorphisis has become a sick, evil thing. It's cells have degraded and the stone people are brought into the future, re-animated, and then killed off to be used in the brain tissue. Sylvain must destroy the brain in order to change history, but is it possible?


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