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A look at the top-secret, high-tech espionage war going on between cats and dogs, which their human owners are blissfully unaware of.

Cats and dogs, known to mankind only as cuddly pets and man's best friend, have engaged in a fierce and merciless battle: Mr. Tinkles, a ruthless cat, is plotting intensively to achieve nothing less than world domination. His main target is Professor Brody, who is working on a medicine to rid people from dog hair allergies. Yet Mr. Tinkles strives to get to the substance, analyze it and then have it turned into a means of rendering all humans of the world aggressively allergic to any kind of dog. Cats would rule, as dogs would then be exterminated. But Mr. Tinkles did not bother to waste any thoughts on little Lou, the Brody family's new puppy, who never before has heard of dog agents and the major protective mission they fulfill towards the unsuspecting Brody family. Together with Butch and a few other dog agents from the neighbourhood, Lou desperately tries to hinder Mr. Tinkles in his sinister plans to take over the world.


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