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The story of Calamity Jane, her saloon, and her romance with Wild Bill Hickok.

It's the late nineteenth century in Deadwood, located in the Dakota Territory. Jane Canary - better known as Calamity Jane or Calam for short - is a sharp shooter who takes it upon herself to protect the area, especially the stagecoach, from the marauding Sioux. Her skill and fearlessness is matched only by Wild Bill Hickok, with whom she has a friendly rivalry, but who she still considers her best friend. Calam shows no signs of femininity, despite being in love with a soldier, Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin. Despite having been saved before by Calam, Danny only sees her as one of the guys and has no idea that she loves him. There is a dearth of females in the area, and as such, Harvey Miller or Milly for short, the proprietor of the local saloon called the Golden Garter, brings in actresses to perform whenever he can to entertain the men who are starved for female companionship. So when Milly's latest attempt to bring in an actress doesn't turn out quite the way he expects, Calam takes it upon herself to bring in the most famous Chicago actress, Adelaid Adams, to keep the peace in Deadwood. Calam's attempt to bring in Adelaid starts a series of events which make Calam examine her feminine side, and what it may take to get Danny to propose. But in doing so, Calam may ultimately realize what she really wants in life.


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