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In his attempts to reconcile a lounge singer with his mistress, a hapless talent agent is mistaken as her lover by a jealous gangster.

At the Carnegie Deli in New York City, a group of comics are kvetching about their common professional lives. One of the more interesting topics of conversation centers on theatrical manager (aka talent agent) Danny Rose, who represents those who can't get better agents but who has always been committed to his clients. They talk most specifically about a rumored incident that took place approximately ten years ago, when Danny's most famous client was washed-up lounge singer Lou Canova, who had some minor fame in the 1950s and who was trying to make a comeback during an era when lounge singers were mostly seen as being hack performers. Despite being married with children, Lou was having an affair with brash blonde Tina Vitale, who Lou wanted at one of his performances. As such, Danny agreed to be a beard in being Tina's date. What Danny did not know was that Tina had casual mob ties, including her ex-husband being entrenched within the organization. Through no fault of Danny's own besides protecting his client Lou, Danny became the target of the mob.


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