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A man switches plane tickets with another man who dies in that plane in a crash. The man falls in love with the deceased one's wife.

Just prior to Christmas, O'Hare Airport in Chicago is snowed in, delaying flights in and out during which time many stranded passengers at the airport connect with each other, such as Los Angeles based ad man Buddy Amaral, Los Angeles based struggling writer Greg Janello, and Dallas based Mimi Prager. When Buddy's Los Angeles destined flight on Infinity Airlines is about to leave - the Chicago based airline which Buddy has just signed as a client - Buddy, in what he believes is a win-win situation, offers his ticket to Greg, who is trying to get home earlier to his family: wife Abby Janello and their young sons, Scott and Joey. However, early in the flight, it crashes, killing all on board. In the aftermath, Buddy's life quickly spirals downward out of control as he turns to the bottle, unable to deal with the guilt associated with how his innocent action saved his life but destroyed that of the Janellos. Going through therapy, Buddy feels the need to make amends by helping Abby without telling her about his connection to Greg. Buddy finds that Abby too is not coping well, telling white lies as a measure to deal with her grief, while not fairing well in her new job as a real estate broker. Following his good deed, Buddy tries to stay away from Abby knowing that nothing can come out of being with her because of his history with Greg, but with a little help from Buddy's new assistant Seth, Buddy and Abby fall for each other. The question becomes if there truly can be a future for the two of them either if Abby finds out the truth or if Buddy can deal with forever hiding the truth from her.


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