Netflix Movies Starring John Paul Ruttan

John Paul Ruttan is a young teen actor, who started his career in film at the age of 6. His roles include acting alongside such talent as Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy in This Means War (2012), Abbie Cornish, Joel Kinnaman, Micheal Keaton and Gary Oldman in RoboCop (2014), Haley Joel Osment, Gillian Anderson in I'll Follow You Down (2013) and with Woody Harrelson in Defendor (2009). He was nominated for his supporting role in This Mean War and won Best Supporting Actor at Hollywoods 36th Young Artists Awards for RoboCop.His experiences have progressed him onto the lead roles in the Feature Films Shelby (2014) starring alongside Chevy Chase and Tom Arnold and in 2015/2016 as the lead in _Against the Wild 2: Survive the Serengeti (2016)_ with Ella Ballentine.John Paul's television career started with over 15 national commercials and by age 8, moved steadily into principal roles in TV, including Doodlebops, Degrassi, Lost Girl, Murdoch Mysteries, Saving Hope, L. Read more on iMDB